The End of an Era: My Official Goodbye to CreComm


Well that’s a wrap folks. CreComm is officially done. And if I’m going to be frank, I’m not feeling as happy and accomplished as I thought I would. This day has been in my mind for years, from the beginning of my post-secondary life to six years later at this very moment.

Did I go out with a bang as much as I wanted? No. Did I put in more effort than I ever thought possible? Yes. CreComm not only challenges you, it literally tests your mentality and physicality (for media production majors at least). Have I had break downs? Definitely, and so have many other people. But what I did learn was a ton of technical skills and that I was able to truly accomplish what I put my mind to, even if it seemed impossible in the moment.

I feel like I’m in limbo; I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. School is all I’ve ever known, so how am I supposed to move on to something else after 20 years of doing practically the same thing? Sure, I’m ecstatic I won’t have to put in four hours of homework when I get home from a full day of school, but I will miss seeing my CreComm family everyday: the people who stick by your side, listen to your rants, and understand ,more than anybody else, what you’re going through. My teachers and classmates made such an impression on me and for the rest of my life. I’m sad to leave this life, that I’ve gotten to used to, behind. But part of me is overwhelmed with accomplishment and happiness at the same time, and maybe this is normal to feel.

I’m not sure how long I’ll feel like this, but I sure hope I find something that can take the place of CreComm in the meantime. Now that I have all this free time on my hands, perhaps I’ll start drawing and painting again, work toward running a half marathon, do some freelance work, take more pictures, appreciate my family, friends, and boyfriend more, and maybe try to pace myself and slow waaaayyyyy down.

To start off this new life-changing transition, I’ll be kicking it off with a 5 week hiatus to Thailand where I can wear loose boho clothes, go out makeup-less, and live like a nomad/hippie. I’d say that’s a pretty great start.



One thought on “The End of an Era: My Official Goodbye to CreComm

  1. Happy travels! And thanks for the Wonder List tip – just saw couple of segments and will watch more. If I had to pick one place, Galapagos was prob my favourite travel destination for photography. Brought back great memories!


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