Coconut Oil – The Holistic Hero

After a long night out, do you dread coming home and taking off your makeup, knowing it’s going to be such a chore that doesn’t seem all too enticing before bedtime? I find that I am scrubbing my eyes into large purple circles, and by the time I’m done taking all my eye makeup off I’m looking back in the mirror at a raccoon. I’ve tried different makeup removers and none of them work well enough regarding full makeup removal or gentleness.

Two years ago my mom told me to use baby oil because it was gentle on her eyes, and she’s been using it since she was a teenager. Great I thought! it was cheap, and came in a large bottle, enough to last me months of use.

As of recently I have learned about the harmful effects of baby oil. It’s base ingredient is petroleum, which is essentially gasoline. I was disgusted to learn that I had been rubbing my eyes and my face for the past two years with gasoline, I immediately threw it away! According to Roxanne from the website The Holistic Mama,

“Baby oil builds up a thin layer on the skin, It is difficult to absorb and clogs the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. Our skin plays a large role in the body’s detoxification through sweat. If pores are blocked, the toxins remain in the body for a longer period of time.”


I searched high and low for a natural and holistic solution to my eye makeup remover problem and found that just what I was looking for was right in front of my face. Coconut oil. It was in a big tub stashed behind the baking ingredients at the back of my pantry. I heard from a friend that she uses coconut oil for makeup remover, for her hair to restore her dead ends, and as a moisturizer for her skin.

After a night out and stumbling back home at an incredibly indecent time, I made noise in the pantry and fished out the tub of coconut oil. My dad woke up, came downstairs and saw what I had in my hands. I told him not to ask and to go back to bed. He rolled his eyes and peaced out of my kitchen. I went to my bathroom, grabbed a tissue and rubbed it on the hard surface of the oil. I rubbed my eyes gently and the makeup came off instantly. Gone are the horrible times of rubbing my eyes until they feel raw. Hoorah! It was so gentle and my eyes felt more awake after using the oil. I rubbed it on my face and let it set in for a couple minutes, then proceeded to wash it off with water. It wasn’t greasy, and my face felt so smooth after using it. I’ve been using it significantly for the past three weeks, and I’ve noticed the bags under my eyes aren’t as prominent anymore. This shit works guys!

According to experts from Prevention’s 10 Amazing Beauty Tricks with Coconut Oil,

“[It] is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal, it’s an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils, and, well, it smells like cookies.”

Well that’s a bonus! It’s good for you and you taste yummy! Visit the website and check out the other 9 amazing things coconut oil is used for! It is life changing, and it will save you a couple dollars 🙂

So ladies throw out that baby oil, and make room for that tub of coconut oil, ALRIGHT!

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